Commandes Linux : docker-compose exec


Commande : docker-compose exec
Execute a command in a running container

Usage: exec [options] [-e KEY=VAL...] SERVICE COMMAND [ARGS...]

    -d, --detach      Detached mode: Run command in the background.
    --privileged      Give extended privileges to the process.
    -u, --user USER   Run the command as this user.
    -T                Disable pseudo-tty allocation. By default `docker-compose exec`
                      allocates a TTY.
    --index=index     index of the container if there are multiple
                      instances of a service [default: 1]
    -e, --env KEY=VAL Set environment variables (can be used multiple times,
                      not supported in API < 1.25)
    -w, --workdir DIR Path to workdir directory for this command.


Forcer l'arrêt des containers d'une application :

docker-compose exec [options] [-e KEY=VAL...] SERVICE COMMAND [ARGS...]

ex :

$ docker-compose exec redis apk update
v3.8.1-34-ga8e558ca77 []
v3.8.1-28-g1d8df16b35 []
OK: 9540 distinct packages available