Commandes Linux : docker-compose pull


Commande : docker-compose pull
Pulls images for services defined in a Compose file, but does not start the containers.

Usage: pull [options] [SERVICE...]

    --ignore-pull-failures  Pull what it can and ignores images with pull failures.
    --parallel              Deprecated, pull multiple images in parallel (enabled by default).
    --no-parallel           Disable parallel pulling.
    -q, --quiet             Pull without printing progress information
    --include-deps          Also pull services declared as dependencies


Télécharger les images de base des services sans démarrer les containers :

Les images seront téléchargées, mais aucune ne sera construite.

docker-compose pull [SERVICE...]

ex :

$ docker-compose pull
Pulling vote   ... done
Pulling result ... done
Pulling redis  ... done
Pulling worker ... done
Pulling db     ... done