Commandes Linux : vagrant box update


Commande : vagrant box update
Usage: vagrant box update [options]

Updates the box that is in use in the current Vagrant environment,
if there any updates available. This does not destroy/recreate the
machine, so you'll have to do that to see changes.

To update a specific box (not tied to a Vagrant environment), use the
--box flag.


        --box BOX                    Update a specific box
        --provider PROVIDER          Update box with specific provider
    -f, --force                      Overwrite an existing box if it exists
        --insecure                   Do not validate SSL certificates
        --cacert FILE                CA certificate for SSL download
        --capath DIR                 CA certificate directory for SSL download
        --cert FILE                  A client SSL cert, if needed
    -h, --help                       Print this help


Mettre à jour la box de l’environnement en cours

vagrant box update [options]


Mettre à jour une box spécifique

vagrant box update [options] --box <name>

ex :

$ vagrant box list
debian/stretch64            (virtualbox, 9.1.0)
debian/stretch64            (virtualbox, 9.2.0)
$ vagrant box outdated --global
* 'debian/stretch64' for 'virtualbox' is outdated! Current: 9.1.0. Latest: 9.5.0
* 'debian/stretch64' for 'virtualbox' is outdated! Current: 9.2.0. Latest: 9.5.0
$ vagrant box update --box debian/stretch64
Checking for updates to 'debian/stretch64'
Latest installed version: 9.2.0
Version constraints: > 9.2.0
Provider: virtualbox
Updating 'debian/stretch64' with provider 'virtualbox' from version
'9.2.0' to '9.5.0'...
Loading metadata for box ''
Adding box 'debian/stretch64' (v9.5.0) for provider: virtualbox

Successfully added box 'debian/stretch64' (v9.5.0) for 'virtualbox'!
$ vagrant box list
debian/stretch64            (virtualbox, 9.1.0)
debian/stretch64            (virtualbox, 9.2.0)
debian/stretch64            (virtualbox, 9.5.0)